Term Limits? Maybe, Maybe Not

I got a letter from Ted Cruz asking me to sign his Petition For Term Limits.

Maybe, Ted, but I'm not sure yet.

I'm completely on board with the idea that an elected office shouldn't be a career. Term limits make me nervous.  Imagine a senator starting a second term thinking, "For the next six years I don't have to think about the voters."  That's scary, knowing they're automatically for sale to the highest bidder.

Many argue that they're up for sale anyway. But as long as reelection is possible, one of the bids still belongs to the electorate. Is taking that away really a good idea?

A single word would ease my mind a great deal.  I could buy into a limit on consecutive terms.  After reaching the maximum, require them to sit out a cycle before returning.  Having to come back against an incumbent could even up the contest.